Rolling up sails
Instalación Toldos
Año 2.015



The stretched or rolling-up solar protection systems allow to create new living spaces and transform the everyday into a lifestyle. Create a space of solar protection in a place where you only dared to dream it: This is the art of shadow. SOLIDAY is a great combination of technology and design and creates large areas of sun protection and against rain. The quality of the components, the choice of the right fabric, as well as the cut play an important role. SOLIDAY solar protection systems are individually adapted in shape and size to the characteristics of the land and to the needs of the shade.

A revolutionary technique and high quality materials allow, despite the enormous size of the solar sail, an easy and effortless drive to wind and unwind the sail. Why not, then, a customized shade solution for the living area, spa, relaxation area or children's play area? With some fantasy and SOLIDAY new spaces are created around the house.